Signs _ Symptoms (Video 3)

What You Need to Know About Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer

I believe many of you are aware that Breast Cancer is the number 1 cancer amongst ladies and thus the importance of annual breast screenings. However, did you know that apart from going for your annual breast cancer screening, there are also certain symptoms that you can look out for?

Early detection of breast cancer is very important as it saves lives and breasts. This is so as there are many surgical options available when the tumour is small and cure is possible. There are 5 different stages of breast cancer (0,1,2,3,4) and the delay in the detection of breast cancer would affect survival rates. It is reported by the Singapore Cancer Society that 400 women die of breast cancer annually. This is a worrying issue and requires immediate attention. Start showing more care to your breast health by carrying out a simple self-examination on yourself every month.

Watch this video to learn more about the symptoms that you should be looking out for. Prevention will always be better than cure. Let us start taking charge of our breast health today!

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*Breast Cancer is the number 1 Cancer amongst women in Singapore, Source: Singapore Cancer Society

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