Is It Safe to Sleep in Your Bra_

Is It Safe to Sleep in Your Bra?

Keeping your bra on when going to bed was said to be the secret to Marilyn Monroe’s pert breasts! But is it harmful or beneficial to wear a bra to sleep? In this episode of #ThursdayswithTang, Dr Anthony Tang reassures ladies that sleeping with or without a bra does not affect your risk of breast cancer.

Despite being a popular myth, sleeping in a bra will not make your breasts any perkier or prevent sagging. In reality, it may disrupt your sleep more than anything because of how snug a bra can be. It can affect your comfort level more than your health. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a bra when you sleep, there are lots of well-designed sleep bra options you can opt for.

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*Breast Cancer is the number 1 Cancer amongst women in Singapore, Source: Singapore Cancer Society

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