Life After Cancer

Life After Cancer by The Breast Clinic

We acknowledge that the onset of breast cancer and the treatment process can change a woman’s life. That is why, even as we celebrate the success of your treatment, our journey with you does not stop there. At The Breast Clinic, we are equally committed to restoring our patients’ quality of life.

Our Life After Cancer Initiatives

1. Continual Wellness Checks Post-cancer

2. Genetic Assessment for Breast Cancer Risk

Genetic assessments for breast cancer risk are performed as part of post-cancer care as a preventive health measure, and also for immediate family members of cancer survivors to assess their potential risk for breast cancer.

3. Support Group Matching

Being in a community that understands and supports you as you go through your breast cancer treatment journey can be immensely helpful. That is why we support our patients by linking them up with women who have experienced and overcome breast cancer first-hand. A little encouragement goes a long way as you realise you are not alone on this journey.

For patients who have recovered, you can also have the option to pay it forward by being a support to women who are going through their treatment journey.

4. Restorative Aids

While some of the treatments for breast cancer could affect your external appearance, we work with established and trusted partners to aid you in re-building your pre-cancer appearance. Quality bra prostheses and wigs are available in our clinic. Our nurse can assist you in our intimate fitting room within the clinic to choose the most suitable option based on your preference.

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