Itchy Breasts_ When Is It A Concern_

Itchy Breasts: When Is It A Concern?

When you are out in public and suddenly there is an itch you cannot scratch on your breast, this might feel like a red flag! Is this normal or a cause for concern? In this episode of #ThursdayswithTang, Dr Anthony Tang explains that if you experience itchiness on your breast without any rash, it is actually normal. It is usually caused by dry skin on the breast and this is easily relieved by some skin emollients like moisturisers.

If there is a rash around the nipple or the areola, and it does not go away after two to three weeks even with some skin creams, please do visit a specialist right away as it could be a symptom of a very rare type of breast cancer. While breast itching is a common occurrence, it is important to figure out the underlying causes to make sure it is nothing serious.

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*Breast Cancer is the number 1 Cancer amongst women in Singapore, Source: Singapore Cancer Society

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