BRCA Testing (Video 2)

What You Need to Know About BRCA Testing

The word cancer strikes fear in everyone and can make you feel powerless. But did you know through BRCA genetic testing, you can find out your risk factor for breast and ovarian cancer?

BRCA genetic testing looks out for mutations in the BRCA gene and women with mutated BRCA genes have a higher chance of developing breast cancer. The test is very beneficial as it allows you to understand your risk and it gives you the opportunity to take any actions early before you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Additionally, breast cancers may be genetically linked and thus it is recommended for women who have a very strong history of breast cancer in the family to undergo the BRCA genetic testing. Let us take the chance to identify our risk of breast cancer and prevent ourselves from becoming a victim of cancer!

Hear from Dr Anthony Tang (The Breast Clinic) as he shares everything you need to know about BRCA testing, which actually gained a lot of awareness thanks to Angelina Jolie!

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*Breast Cancer is the number 1 Cancer amongst women in Singapore, Source: Singapore Cancer Society

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