Dr Anthony Tang on Mastitis

Dr Anthony Tang on Mastitis

Breastfeeding is an intimate bond mothers share with their newborn babies. While it is a beautiful journey for mothers, we know it is no easy feat and every mother’s experience is different. One concern that mother’s have when it comes to breastfeeding is when they experience pain and hardness in certain areas of the breast, paired with a fever. This is a common symptom of mastitis and in severe cases, can include abscess forming.

How does Mastitis form?

When pregnant, soon to be mommies often go through the production of milk in the breast. The production of milk is facilitated by the lobules and milk ducts, which can get blocked by oil and possibly leading to a infection.

Treatment for Mastitis.

When detected early, mastitis is easily treatable with the use of antibiotics. New mothers should also continue to breastfeed and try different suckling positions to release milk from different ducts. Dr Tang also recommends using a warm compress 5 minutes before breastfeeding to help dissolve the oil secretion.

In rarer cases, a small surgery will be done to help aspirate and release the blockage. However, Dr Tang notes that it can be hard for medically trained professionals to be able to distinguish the difference between mastitis and other breast related concerns such as Breast Cancer. He recommends new mothers who are experiencing pain, discomfort or have lumps, to see a specialist who is able to diagnose and get proper treatment.

Watch the video below as Dr Tang explains about more about mastitis.

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